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Deal with your financial problems without having to appoint an Administrator or Liquidator. We’re here to work with you and assist your company.

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We understand insolvency, bankruptcy and financial restructuring. Have a read of our early warning signs to see if you need help.

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A Voluntary Administrator can help save your business and keep you running.

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Corporate Lifeline is a company built solely with the purpose of working with you to ensure your company’s future.

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Need to find out what a Deed of Company Arrangement is? Baffled by a Voluntary Administration? Struggling with Liquidations? Our hub will help.

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Insolvency and Liquidation Resource Centre

Tax debt can be an overwhelming problem, especially if you have cash flow issues.
Jun 14 2016

If you’re having trouble paying off tax debts, there are thousands of Australians who know just how you feel. Fortunately, you have options for getting through this.

Personal finance troubles can be frustrating, but a little help can go a long way.
Jun 10 2016

Personal insolvency is an issue for tens of thousands of people in Australia. If you’re afraid you’re becoming one of them, there are constructive steps you can take.

Come up with a new strategy for addressing your company's cash flow problems.
Jun 07 2016

If your company is having trouble paying all of its debts, it might be time to respond. Liquidation is one way to do so.