Restructuring options

Here at Corporate Lifeline we are experts at working with Australian companies who are in financial distress. With years of experience in the field our highly talented team will work closely with you to find the right solution to your problems.

We offer a number of solutions to restructure your company to help you turnaround your financial affairs:

Appoint a Liquidator

In the event of liquidation, it's certainly beneficial to have capable liquidators on hand to work with you throughout the process.

Appoint a Voluntary Administrator

The team at Corporate Lifeline has experience in consulting on and dealing with Voluntary Administrations.

Deed of Company Arrangement Execution

Our consultants have a solid track record implementing successful Deed of Company Arrangements.

Informal Restructure & Workouts

There are a number of benefits to an informal workout as they allow the maintenance of goodwill with suppliers, creditors and customers.

Solvency Analysis & Advice

Our consultants have advised numerous entities regarding their financial position and conducting a solvency analysis, including listed entities on the ASX.

Business Performance Improvement

With our knowledge and experience, our consultants can assist in improving the performance & positioning of your business.


Information HUB

Need to find out what a Deed of Company Arrangement is? Baffled by a Voluntary Administration? Struggling with Liquidations? Our hub will help.


Many business owners will see liquidation as the end of the business, the point where they’ve been struggling with debt for some time and need to consider alternative courses of action. But it’s not the end – and we can help.


In the case of insolvency, in many cases you’ll be able to return the company to normal operations or go in a new direction as long as you recognise there’s a problem and develop necessary strategies to deal with these issues.


Bankruptcy is a term often misinterpreted. Many think it’s the same as insolvency, but it’s not. Insolvency is a financial state you reach when you’re unable to pay your debts, bankruptcy serves as a resolution to insolvency.

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